Hazardous Areas Classification and Design


Hazardous Areas Classification and Design

Hazardous Area Classification and Design course gives students the skills and training to classify, plan and design hazardous areas as per conditions specified by AS/NZS 4761 operating with electrical equipment for hazardous areas (EEHA). The course is associated with learning about hazardous areas classification design competency which revolves around flammable gases, vapours, mists and liquids.
We provide hands-on practical approaches which have been conducted through real-life case studies, for letting the students learn the skills to perform classification and design projects after course completion.
We at Electrical Training Perth, teach our students through a mix of theoretical and practical sessions which covers the latest practices for providing advanced knowledge to students.

Course Objectives

By studying this course from Electrical Training Institute in Perth, the students will go through practical training which will provide them with the skills to encounter the job operations they will tackle on the field.

  • 1

    We will enhance their ability to design a Hazardous Area Classification (HAC) report and classify hazardous areas for gas/ dust atmospheres

  • 2

    To perform explosion-protected electrical systems and installations for gas/ dust atmospheres

  • 3

    Providing the ability to select, plan and detail installation design for electrical equipment installed in hazardous areas

  • 4

    Enhancing their skills to design and document intrinsically safe system verification and the maximum power dissipation calculations for improved safety

How do we Prepare our Students?

  • We believe in delivering the complete kit of skills and knowledge for our students which enhances their learning from all levels.
  • Hazardous area design training Courses are developed by qualified and academically noted trainers who are practising engineers and designers in their respective industries.
  •  Guidance of Electrical and Instrumentation Trainers as per IEC/AS/NZS 60079.10.1 and
    AS/NZS 60079.10.2
  • Consistent training in workshops with innovative field instruments and control systems to prepare students for on-site training and other vital tasks.
  • Preparing courses by the Industry Professionals for a better and sustainable future of our students.


Pursuing this course from Electrical college Perth provides capability for hazardous area classification and skills to plan and design installation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas (EEHA) to AS/NZS standards 4761 an AS/NZS 60079.10.1 and AS/NZS 60079.10.2.


We seek students for this course who possess the ability to signify existing electrical or
instrumentation design competency. The HAC part of the course is appropriate for chemical/process and electrical engineers. It is also open to any degree-qualified engineer in the electrical, mechanical and process disciplines. For the design part of the course, you may require to demonstrate work in the form of electrical drawings, schedules, specifications are necessary for students. Having an electrical engineering degree or diploma is an advantage but not necessary to pursue this course.

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