Programmable logic controller (PLC)–Basic


Programmable logic controller (PLC)–Basic

The course revolves around programmable control and automation technologies used in industrial automation, construction and building. With PLC automation short courses(Basic), students will learn about setting and arranging controller and HMI hardware and design and test programs. After successful completion of this course, you will possess in-depth knowledge and skills to design, enter and check programs for programmable controllers.

Course Objectives

After proficiently completing this course, the students will come to know about a variety of skills and learn everything from the beginning to understand the working of PLC. PLC automation short course will be beneficial for students who want to enhance their PLC and process control skills. The students will learn the ability to

  • 1

    Relating to utilised PLC automation technology at their workplace.

  • 2

    Correctly installing, replacing and configuring PLC hardware.

  • 3

    Understanding essential PLC/HMI integration concepts.

  • 4

    Showing a logical approach to troubleshooting PLC code.

  • 5

    Troubleshooting communications associated with the PLC system.

How do we Prepare our Students?

All that you learn at Electrical Training Perth has a direct connection to the Industry trends. Here at Electrical Training College Perth, you’ll be performing practical training on innovative labs and machinery which will allow you to assess your electrical skills during the course. You’ll gain from instructors who have significant work experience with the latest industry-standard equipment.

Being a course that demands more emphasis on practical training for skills enhancement, we focus on giving 70% of practical training for making our students familiar with a modern industrial environment in PLC control systems. We let you enhance your employable skills by our peer mentoring and regular counselling and career guidance.

  • Providing students with hands-on installation, verifying and instructing experience
  • Sharing valuable suggestions with our faculty members and trainers for gaining knowledge and skills.
  • Frequent practical exercises with upgraded skills for on-site training.
  • Personalised practical training with industry experienced Professional Trainers.
  • We do provide rebates for workers in the Building and Construction Industry (BCI).

The engineering and manufacturing enterprises are exploding rapidly in Australia, making process automation aptitudes very much in demand for years to come. By successfully getting trained from Electrical Courses Perth, you will begin your career in the right direction.


You’ll get the knowledge to work on automation infrastructure that many organizations and endeavours depend on for everyday activities. You’ll be up to fill in as a professional or manager in regions of manufacturing, power generation, modern computerization, general electrical frameworks, process control, chemical and gas treatment facilities, and cycle plants.



To begin this course, individuals who are currently working as electrician, electrical maintenance personnel and design engineers and looking forward to familiarise themselves with programmable controller and automation technologies used in building, construction and industrial automation.You are not required to have advanced knowledge of PLC as a person with no knowledge too can begin this course and extend their skills with additional platforms.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) courses for students provide an opportunity to make a sustainable career by becoming a PLC operator.

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