Programmable logic controller (PLC) technology–Advanced


Programmable logic controller (PLC) technology–Advanced

This course is primarily developed for electricians, electrical technicians, maintenance personnel, and machine design engineers who need to or wish to associate themselves with succession control, process data and safety applications. In PLC automation training course, the student will design, test and validate programs for consecutive measure applications using the Siemens S7-300 series calculator.

Course Objectives

This PLC training courses will get the students familiar with the programming skills related to medium to High-level PLC’s.

  • 1

    Comprehend the fundamentals of control frameworks and PLC processors.

  • 2

    Get familiar with ladder logic programming.

  • 3

    Use PLC equipment, for example, I/o modules.

  • 4

    Have the option to make a plan, support and investigating considerations.

  • 5

    Comprehend fault analysing techniques.

How do we Prepare our Students?

We have organised and built up the course by taking into account the adapting needs in the Electrical Industry, by keeping quality principles for the total advancement of students. Some other factors which make our Electrical training institute in Perth the finest choice are:

  • Electrical Course Perth courses are certified and broadly perceived by industry standards. The course will open various doors of opportunity for different industries for our students in Australia and universally.
  • We invest heavily in our educating and managerial staff, who are very much qualified to provide skilful knowledge to our students. Many of the faculty members are former industry specialists who have recently served in presumed associations that give a chance to learn aptitudes as shown by the workplace.
  • We provide a blend of theoretical and specialised information to our students. We let them get real learning by leading industry experts with the most recent machines and innovation routine and keeping up a learning atmosphere for our students.


Successful completion of this course will give exposure to students to enhance their PLC and process control skills. This course will provide them the opportunity to use

  • Siemens S7-300 controllers and the software Step 7;
  • Allan Bradley Micrologix 1000 controllers and RSlogix Micro-Starter Lite software;
  • Touch panel 6” KT600 Basic Panel with HMI software WinCC Flex;


To begin this intermediate course, the best candidates would be the ones who are working as electricians and electrical experts. Individuals who want to enhance their specialised skills required for becoming automation and control technicians are the perfect candidates for this course.

With the boom of technology and innovation, being a part of this course will let you enter the universe of lucrative opportunities. Enrol now!


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