UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control


UEE31211 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control

Certificate III in instrumentation and control by Electrical Training Perth is focused on individuals who like to add their PLC, HMI and Process Instrumentation skills for entering the Oil & Gas Industry. In this course, you will learn to apply your knowledge to measure and control temperature, pressure and flow and gain skills in instrumentation and programmable logic controller (PLC) control. Electricial training Perth, provides training by highly experienced faculty members that teach students with industry-current types of equipment to hone their skills essential for becoming a high paying individual of your industry.

Course Objectives

By studying cert 3 in instrumentation and control course from Electrical Training Institute in Perth, students interested in learning or enhancing their PLC programming, HMI, and HART field Instrumentation skills in calibration, testing and fault finding are provided a platform to enhance their skills. The course also covers aspects such as:

  • 1

    Teaching students with PLC, HMI and Process Instrumentation skills.

  • 2

    To log and sign off participant’s work experience in the instrumentation installation, calibration, testing, PLC programming and fault finding

  • 3

    To give participant’s an edge to enter the oil and gas or mineral processing industry which uses PLC interfaces with HART compliant field instrumentation.

How do we Prepare our Students?

  •  Our training sessions are conducted by academically noted industry experienced.
  • Qualified Instrument and Electrical Professional Trainers.
  • Qualified Instrument and Electrical Professional Trainers.
  • Consistent training in workshops with innovative field instruments and control systems to prepare students for on-site training and other vital tasks.
  • Preparing courses by the Industry Professionals for a better and sustainable future of our students.


Pursuing certificate iii in instrumentation and control course from Electrical college Perth provides qualification to select, install, set up, test, fault to find, repair and maintain systems and field instruments for measurement and recording of physical/chemical phenomenon and related process control.



We, Electrical Training Perth seek for a current unrestricted electrical license. Having UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation is the entry requirement for this course. Electrical workers and overseas instrumentation technicians and engineers who have previously served in electrical, instrumentation and control fields would require to show at least 1 years’ worth of their requisite experience signed off from the site supervisor for becoming eligible for this course.

There is a humongous demand for skilled Instrumentation and Control operators in Australia. Be a part of this course and make your dream career. Enrol Now!


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