UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation


UEE40411 Certificate IV in Electrical Instrumentation

Certificate IV in electrical instrumentation is a nationally recognised course by Electrical Training Perth that provides students with the training, skills, support and knowledge essential for the functional operation, calibration and analysing the faults of basic industrial instrumentation and electrical equipment. Cert IV electrical instrumentation is associated with providing instrumentation knowledge and experience required for working with pressure, level, temperature, and flow and their application to analytical instruments for process and control.
Electrical training Perth focuses on providing quality education through highly experienced faculty to hone skills for becoming a well informed electrical instrumentation personnel in Australia.

Course Objectives

  • 1

    By studying this electrical instrumentation course in Perth from us, the students will learn to use PLC and process instrumentation skills.

  • 2

    It will provide students with exposure to process instrumentation and control used in the industry.

  • 3

    It will give the advantage to step up in chemical, oil and gas or mineral processing which uses PLC interfaces with HART compliant field instrumentation.

How do we Prepare our Students?

  • Our training sessions are conducted by academically noted industry experienced, qualified Instrument and Electrical Professional Trainers.
  • We give emphasis to practical and theoretical training for the overall development of our students.
  •  Consistent training in workshops with innovative field instruments and control systems to prepare students for on-site training and other vital tasks.
  • Our courses are prepared by the Industry Professionals for giving an insight to students of the current Industry practices.

Note: WA Funding: Priority Industry Training is available from the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD), funding by offering a heavily subsidised price on priority qualifications to prepare students for skilled jobs that are in high demand across Western Australia.


Pursuing this course from Electrical college Perth provides skills in process and control to select, install, commission, fault find and maintain electrical and instrumentation equipment in
buildings, premises, instrumentation systems and core instrumentation equipment. It includes ERAC requirements for an ‘Electrician’s licence’


We, Electrical Training Perth seek for a current unrestricted electrical license as it is a post-trade training course. This course will provide a platform to candidates who are looking to gain exposure to or enhance their PLC and process instrumentation skills.

Certified electrical instrument operators who are proficient to perform a variety of operations are higher in demand in respective industries. Get enrolled in Electrical Courses Perth for taking the first step towards your career.


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