UEE50211 – Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation


UEE50211 – Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation

Diploma of Electrical and Instrumentation is suitable for the ones who have keen interest in enhancing their professional development in processing plant architectures and ability to develop plant control philosophy. The students who will enrol with us for this course will learn and understand the working of field instrumentation coupled along with a programmable logic controller (PLC) for analyzing faults. We provide one-on one training to our students which is focused towards understanding them on a personal level and enhancing their learning at every level through our constant support.

Course Objectives

  • 1

    We have developed this course to enhance the skills of our students to work in industrial networking which connects more than one PLC with HMI along with many loops in a live process plant.

  • 2

    We focus on expanding the skills of our students in understanding how the processing plant architectures are put together.

  • 3

    Developing the ability to design plant control philosophy and project engineering specification.

  • 4

    Providing more opportunities in areas of instrumentation and control technical authority and supervisory roles.

How do we Prepare our Students?

  • Our courses are developed according to the Industry trends and as per the consultation of experts which makes sure that our students are ready to join the industries after completion of their courses from us.
  • Electrical Courses Perth gives balanced attention to practical and theoretical skills in an appropriate manner which creates a balanced learning for students. With proper combination of practical and theoretical training, our students will learn the ability to adjust themselves according to the Industry standards and make a splendid career for themselves.
  • Our curriculum is designed according to the latest trends and innovations which are presently practiced in the Industry. Our newly updated course taught by expert faculties helps the student in getting a high pay job after completion of their job.


The course can offer you many opportunities that can lead you to start your professional career in a remarkable way and create opportunities for yourselves. With the successful completion of course,the students are authorized to develop, select, install, commission,maintain and diagnose faults/malfunctions on electrical, instrumentation and control equipment and systems, including problem solving in industrial networking with HMI plant interface.


Being a post-trade professional development gap training course which is designed for the ones who are aspiring to learn about writing engineering specifications and problem-solving skills in industrial networking with PLC with HMI interface. We seek an electrical license from Australian state or territory and have completed UEE40411 – Certificate IV in Electrical – Instrumentation as the eligibility criteria for successful completion of the course.

Diploma in Electrical and Instrumentation course Perth opens doors for various opportunities and enhances your knowledge and skills for a lucrative career. Join our Electrical training College now!


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