Plan and Perform HV Switching Operations


Plan and Perform HV Switching Operations

High Voltage (HV) Switching Operations is an Industry endorsed course derived from UEP12 Electricity Supply Industry-Generator Sector Training Package and the UET12 Transmission,
Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package, which is intended for Electrical Workers and engineers to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of designing and operating high voltage switching programs.

Our HV Switching Course broadly covers the practical and theoretical aspects essential for becoming a High Voltage Switching Operator. Our students will face-to-face training with hands-on practical delivery with industry experienced Electrical Professional Trainers with expertise in High Voltage installation, inspection and switching Operation.

Course Objectives

This nationally recognised plan and perform HV Switching Operation course is primarily for students to gain skills that allow them to design and do HV switching operations safely. Studying this high-voltage training provides in-depth:

  • 1

    Legislation and standards.

  • 2

    Electrical hazards and risk management.

  • 3

    Precautions that must be taken when performing high voltage switching.

  • 4

    Requirements for working in a high voltage area, including safe approach distances.

  • 5

    To meet the expectations of the latest and innovative training packages; UEP–Electricity Supply Industry–Generation Sector Training Package and UET–Transmission, Distribution and Rail Sector Training Package.

  • 6

    Permit procedure.

How do we Prepare our Students?

At Electrical Course Perth, we have designed the course according to industry techniques and work environment, which permits the students to get their hands on various activities related to the industry.

  •  We provide our students with an understanding of hazards associated with switching high voltage equipment.
  • We provide them with the essential guidelines that make our students aware of the consequences of the dangers they can encounter if there is no utilization of correct methods.
  • Provide students with knowledge of fault levels and how these are affected by the operation of various high voltage equipment.
  • Provide participants with the knowledge to write switching programs to ensure that high voltage equipment can be safely isolated and earthed for.


After completing this course from Electrical College Perth, our students will get the Nation Recognised Statement of Attainment along with profound skills to make a remarkable career.

  • Practical switching competencies to a program.
  • Remote switching operations using our customised interactive network diagram on client facility.
  • Manual switching activities at PMV or client’s high voltage switching training facilities.


We intend this course for students who want a career as a High Voltage Switching Operator and require formal preparation to permit them to compose exchanging sheets and perform exchanging activities. Students should hold an UEE30811–Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician (Electrical License to be qualified for this course).

Plan and Perform HV Switching Operations provide an opportunity to make a sustainable career. Enrol now to take the first step towards a rewarding choice for yourself.

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