Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install


Solar Grid Connect PV Design + Install

SOLAR GRID CONNECT PV DESIGN + INSTALL is a nationally accredited course providing the training to license holder students with designing and installation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems and associated equipment required for Clean Energy Council Accreditation. We primarily focus the course on teaching practical skills to students in design and installation, set-up, maintenance, diagnosing issues, and repair of grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

At Electrical Training College in Perth, we focus on providing theoretical and practical training through our expert trainers. We provide our students with essential notes, practical sessions and tasks which expands the further dimension of learning for our students and enhances their knowledge to make a remarkable career in the coming future.

Course Objectives

We, Electrical Training Perth, provide our students with the skills and the knowledge to design and installation of grid-connected photovoltaic systems and associated equipment required for Clean Energy Council Accreditation.

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    To provide a pathway for electricians to be Accredited to Clean Energy Council for Grid-Connected PV Design and Installation.

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    To design, install, configure, test and commission grid-connected power supply systems.

How do we Prepare our Students?

  • We believe in creating a complete learning opportunity throughout the curriculum for our students.
  • We give emphasis to practical and theoretical training for making them familiar with the work environment as soon as they complete the course.
  • We conduct regular assessments that allow students to understand their knowledge and test their skills.
  • Our expert faculty members provide feedback or additional technical information to the students.
  • We provide Intensive hands-on installation, fault finding and regulatory requirements experience to boost their overall learning.Note: Rebates Available in Western Australia (WA) Rebates are provided to workers in the Building and Construction Industry (BCI).


This primarily focused training program is delivered to maximise the learning of students by providing theoretical and practical content along with notes, faculty support, and training programs. The course provides competency to perform design, install, configure, test and commission grid connected power supply systems to AS/NZS
5033:2014 .After completion of course, the student can apply to the Clean Energy Council of Australia for the Design & Installation of Grid-Connected PV Systems Accreditation


Students who wish to enrol in this course must have an electrician license recognised and issued by an Australian state or territory.

There are lots of high paying career prospects waiting for the individuals who will successfully clear the courses and make their place in the growing industries of Australia. Enrol now in the best electrical training college in Perth to take the first step towards a wonderful career in solar grid.

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